Elgin Antiques & Uniques relocating to 207 E. Chicago St., Elgin, IL 60120

By April 1st the stores at 201 and 203 E. Chicago St. will be closed.  Rich Wagner now has his own record store at 9 So. Spring Street and so 207 E. Chicago St. will become Elgin Antiques & Uniques.

Special Collection

 Rediscover Records is now opening at 9 So. Spring St., Elgin, IL, 60120

About Us

Collecting was our passion for many years --kitchenalia, Depression glass, Longaberger baskets to name a few.  The realization that our three sons were not interested in our "stuff" led to downsizing which led to opening a store in 2009.  Soon other folks said they had some things to sell and a two-dealer venture turned into a multi-dealer store.  We are the epitome of "one thing led to another" and we have had three stores in one block in downtown Elgin, Illinois.


It's a wonderful destination with a free parking deck across the street, a coffee shop,  and two restaurants in and within one block of our stores.


As of April 1, 2014 we will just be in one store: 207 E. Chicago St., Elgin, IL, 60120.